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The Hamilton Beach Health Smart juice extractor provides an affordable way to tap into the benefits of juicing. The motor is powerful enough to munch through a bag of carrots or apples, yet not so loud that you wake the neighbors in the process. Unlike other inexpensive juicers, this extractor is well designed and easy to maintain. All of the removable parts, except the blade basket, are dishwasher-safe; the pulp filter is easy to remove and empty; and the see-through plastic cover and pulp bin let you gauge when the pulp needs to be thrown out. The juicer is compact and light, so it can be stored either on a countertop or in a cupboard. Some of the white plastic parts may stain when juicing vegetables full of nature's dyes, such as carrots or beets, but the flavor of future juices is not impaired. Carrot-ginger cocktail, anyone?

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